Looking to Choose a Cheap Fish Finder?

Looking to Choose a Cheap Fish Finder?

In a time not so long ago, anglers dreamed of warm days, a boat, and water.  It could have been on a river, a bayou, a lake, or a pond.  In colder climates, they advanced into ice fishing, complete with towable huts and rigs designed to drill through thick ice.  Now, it seems that people who love to fish can do so anywhere at any time of the year.  Yet, one thing that has never changed is the way anglers love to gain the edge over their fellows.

Some enthusiasts bet on the bait, while others wager on the type of hooks, lures and just plain good luck.  But, with the advances in technology, even fishing is open to new ideas and improvements.  What would be better than to find a way to ‘look’ underwater for the fish?  That is if by looking, you don’t have to dive in and get wet?

Well, by inventing a fish finder, of course.  There are many different types out there.  There is sonar, radar, and even underwater cameras that one can use to find the fish, all from the safety-and dryness-of a boat, wharf, pier or lawn chair.

Are you looking to choose a cheap fish finder?  The keyword here is ‘cheap’.  There are plenty of models out there with all kinds of bells and whistles, and there is where the trouble lies.  The more accessories the models have, the more they are going to cost you.  So, following are a few suggestions on how you can pare down the cost of what could be a big expense to ‘cheap’.

If you run a simple internet search for cheap fish finder, you may be amazed at what some people consider cheap.  Prices range from under $70.00 for transducer (the part which actually sends out the sonar waves), to literally thousands of dollars for an entire highly priced unit.  So, if you have the basic parts of a fish finder, or one that no longer works, you can buy replaceable parts to hopefully fix the problem.  That would be much cheaper than buying a whole new fish finder, right?

If fixing a broken unit is not your goal, look at all the extras you wish to have on the fish finder of your dreams.  Do you really need a color display screen?  Will a black and white screen do as well.  Bingo!  You’ll save some bucks there.

Another suggestion is to do some on-line browsing before going to a brick and mortar store.  Many sporting sites actually have better prices than the big box stores.  Of course, you will have to wait for the order to be processed and the item to be shipped, but there can be big money saved.  Compare sites as well, since many will also offer free expedited shipping.  So, be savvy when it comes to choosing cheap fish finders.  Compare prices and save money without leaving the comfort of your own home.


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